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Rail Drilling Machine

Rail Drilling Machines are offered in variety of different models with variable diameters and capabilities. These machines are a result of engineering experiment which is fruitful in providing stable and structural design to these machines. These machines are responsible to treat or repair the railway track breakage and also ensures the regular maintenance of the same. The long service span of these is beyond expectation of one. Distinct feature of these machines is that, these have the ability to even work on the source of fuel and not just electricity. Rail Drilling Machines are also known fro their cutting and stroke force and speed.

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Electric Rail Drilling Machine

Price: 85000 INR

Hole Diameter:- 0-25 mm,25-50 mm

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Light Weight Rail Drilling Machine

Price: 75000 INR

Cutting Depth:- 35mm

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portable Rail Drilling Machine

Price: 85000 INR

Hole Diameter :- 25-50 mm